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February 2021

Caption: February 2021 amendments
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Notification of Significant Events This procedure has been updated to reflect the latest Ofsted guidance for social care providers on the types of incident which they consider to be serious and which will therefore require notification to the regulatory authority.
Complaints and Representations Information contained in this procedure has been reviewed and refreshed as required.
Families with No Recourse to Public Funds Section 4, Independent Family Returns Panel has been updated.
Placements in Secure Accommodation on Welfare Grounds Section 6, Placements of Children under 13 years has been updated following publication of revised DfE guidance.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Capacity and Consent In this chapter, guidance is offered in relation to the various situations in which consent is likely to be sought, with reference to previous legal judgements.
Use of Social Media The use of social media in a social care and safeguarding environment is a developing area. Cases and reviews have discussed the use of social media in social work practice. There is, however, currently no specific government guidance on the issue. This chapter is designed to highlight some of the issues to be considered, with links to additional information.
Storage of Data on Mobile Devices This chapter provides guidance on the storage of personal data (including photographs) on mobile devices.

Next update: August 2021


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